PUBLIC TOURS / Friday & Saturday  


Public tours are available on Friday (Seasonal) and Saturday and last approximately one hour. EAF is not open to the public without an appointment. Guests are requested to make reservations online (or by calling) to ensure availability and to guarantee a seat.  

On the tours, visitors are provided educational demonstrations about what goes into caring for an elephant, as well as provided information on our endangered Asian elephant residents and their behaviors. We strive to address every question asked and hope you leave our facility with a love and understanding of what we do at EAF and of the Asian elephant species.

Public tours are guided and facilitated by knowledgeable staff who are eager to answer questions.  Guests have a unique and unforgettable opportunity to look an elephant in the eye and take a very special photo - an "Elephie Selfie"!

Public Tours are planned at a time that accommodates the structure and routines of our elephants and staff. Please be familiar with our location and plan to arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled tour time. Photos and flash photography are allowed.

Tours may be rescheduled due to inclement weather



EAF values educational opportunities and making special lifelong memories.  Numerous schools, universities, civic organizations, businesses, youth programs and special groups have taken advantage of the rare and unique opportunity to bring students, co-workers, clients, family members and friends to EAF as a learning experience through an intimate encounter with Pachyderms.  

Interested Groups are asked to contact the EAF office for scheduling a tour.  Each group will need to provide detailed information regarding the number of participants (children and adults), the purpose of your visit, as well as any specific requests and/or expectations of your scheduled appointment.   EAF staff and volunteers will assist in making your experience as informative and enjoyable as it can be. Tour times vary according to our elephants' schedules and seasons.  Please call (580) 317 8470 or email to inquire of available tour times and dates for when you would like to schedule.  Special Groups & Student Education Tours are by appointment only.

When your group visits EAF, guests will benefit by learning about the Asian elephant species, their behaviors and what goes into caring for the residents that reside at the Endangered Ark Foundation.  It is our hope that your group can become as passionate about saving these beautiful animals as we are.  EAF believes that education is a critical component in creating awareness and fostering young ambassadors for the Endangered Asian Elephant species worldwide.
*Tours may be rescheduled due to inclement weather.

PRIVATE ENCOUNTER / Monday - Saturday


For those who desire the ultimate experience and a true private and intimate excursion, an EAF Private Encounter is for you.    Whether it's on your bucket list to touch an elephant or you are trying to impress a wife/husband, girl/boy friend, create an unforgettable proposal or simply want to be selfish sharing time with our pachyderms, you will not be disappointed by scheduling a Private Encounter with our majestic elephant family. 

Guests are up close and personal with our Ark herd!  Participants have an AMAZING experience....bathing, feeding, watching Del Rita make beautiful art, elephant trunk hugs, elephie-selfies & learning what elephants do!  Throughout the Private Encounter, knowledgeable staff share their love and passion for elephants while providing educational demonstrations on elephant husbandry.  In return, a connection is formed that can only be understood by those who are touched and empowered by their introduction and experience of looking in the eyes of such an amazing and majestic creature.  It is our hope that guests realize the need for human involvement and action to save this highly endangered species and understand the intimate bond and partnership formed between an animal and a human. 

A Private Encounter also allows staff to tailor discussion around topics that visitors are interested in. Guest may choose to have a hands-on experience to assist in bathing an elephant (optional) and/or hand feed our pachyderms (also optional). 

Please call (580) 317 8470 or email to inquire of available tour times and dates for when you would like to schedule.                

Disclaimer: $150 deposit is required and is non-refundable upon booking. If cancelation is needed, tour can be credited to an another available tour date or given as a donation. Private Encounters are by appointment only.
*Tours may be rescheduled due to inclement weather.

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*Prefer to make your reservation via phone? You can make a reservations by calling
(580) 317 8470 between 9am and 4pm / Mon - Friday.

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To ensure the safety of our elephants & visitors tours may unexpectedly need to be rescheduled at any time.