Awesome Adventures

2021 Summer Youth Camp

Oklahoma Awesome Adventures is offering a unique overnight summer camp experience -  featuring a week of exciting activities and hands-on learning experiences.​

Participants will have a unique opportunity to learn about one of the world’s most endangered species – the Asian Elephant – up close and in person. In addition to earning their Jr. Elephant Ambassador Certification, Campers will also be provided with valuable lessons and enriching activities that will focus on Team Building, Leadership, Community Services and Recreation Fun!

Registration for the 2021 season is now open. For more information or to register, visit

Awesome Adventures Elephant Expeditions

Have you ever wanted to spend the day with an elephant? Now you can!

Due to a great deal of public interest, the EAF is partnering with Oklahoma Awesome Adventures to offer all-day Elephant Expeditions on

March 7th - Sunday

April 12th - Monday

May 17th - Monday

June 1st - Tuesday

Sept. 5th - Sunday

Sept. 19th - Sunday

Oct. 4th - Monday

Oct. 25th - Monday

from 9:00am to 3:00pm​

Guests will have a unique opportunity to ask one-on-one questions, hand feed an elephant, take a tour of the facility, bathe an elephant and dine with our elephant specialists (lunch provided)!​

Visit for more information or click below to book now.

Awesome Adventures Cabin Rentals

The Endangered Ark Foundation is excited to partner with Oklahoma Awesome Adventures to offer a unique cabin lodging experience featuring the EAF elephants!

Guests will stay right next door to the Endangered Ark Foundation facilities and will have the unique opportunity to enjoy breakfast with the EAF elephants.

This opportunity is perfect for those visiting the Endangered Ark Foundation from out of town. For more information, visit the Oklahoma Awesome Adventures website.

Upcoming Activities

Public Tours

The EAF offers public tours of our facility on Fridays, Saturdays, and most Sundays. Call or book online today to take a tour of our facility and meet our elephants!

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Private Encounters

Get up close and personal with our elephants in a Private Encounter! Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend quality time with our herd in a personal setting.

Special Groups

Schedule a private visit for your school, student group, civic organization, business, youth program, or other special group to receive a special tour tailored to your group.

Elephant Expeditions

The EAF is partnering with Oklahoma Awesome Adventures to offer special day-long adventures with our elephants! Dates are limited, book today!

Cabin Rentals

Visting from out of town?

Oklahoma Awesome Adventures is now offering cabin rentals right next door to the EAF, featuring breakfast with the elephants!

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