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Cameron Lee

Cameron Lee is the currently the youngest member of the EAF herd. Born on August 2, 2020 at 6:31am in the morning; Cameron weighed in at 257 lbs. He is the smallest baby even born at the ark. He is very rambunctious and energetic. He is spoiled by the entire staff and herd, and loved by his older sisters.

DSC_0144 (1).JPG

Dori Marie

Born in 2015, Dori is currently the second youngest member of the Endangered Ark Foundation herd. At birth Dori weighed in at a very healthy 328 pounds!


She is always playful and is very spoiled by her aunts and mom. Like any natural born star Dori is very photogenic and loves to mimic the older members of the herd.

Favorite Snack: frozen grapes
Least favorite treat: kiwi
Dori’s BFF: Val

dori marie.jpg


Suzy is the matriarch of the Endangered Ark herd! She is currently 65 years old. She is our resident senior citizen and loved and respected by the entire herd.  As one of our special needs elephants Suzy has a special diet of soft foods (including chopped hay, bananas, and the inside of watermelon); due to the fact that she is on her last set of teeth. Suzy has a very defined sunken in head that comes with older age which gives a her a very distinctive look.

Favorite snack: bananas

Least favorite: carrots

Suzy’s BFF: Lillie



Delrita is our resident spray painting artist. She has met many people and blown them away with her sprayed artwork. Delrita loves being washed and scrubbed behind her ears it is her signature sweet spot! She has beautiful honey colored eyes and very defined  tushes that can be easily seen when she opens her mouth.

Favorite snack: apples

Least favorite treat: kiwi

Delrita’s BFF: Suzy



Obert is our resident teen male and one of only 2 males currently residing at the Endangered Ark Foundation. One of his favorite hobbies is picking up the big tree branches cut for him and slamming on the ground! He also thoroughly enjoys playing with his favorite toy and tractor tire.

Obert is a special elephant because he has an honorary "parent" named Caleb who chose adopting Obert as his Make A Wish dream. Today Caleb continues to thrive just like Obert! 

Favorite snack: watermelom

Least favorite treat: pineapples

Obert is a Bachelor for life and certified loner!!



Rosie is one of our special needs elephants residing at the ark. Rosie has a partially paralyzed trunk and arthritis in her front left leg. Due to this, Rosie does elephant yoga on a daily basis to keep her in the best shape possible. She also has a “lazygirl bed” which is a very large sand pile that she sleeps on to make her comfortable.


Favorite snack: mangos

Least favorite snack: bananas

Rosie’s BFF: Lisa



Margaret is our smallest adult female elephant. Margaret is mostly an introvert and tends to keep to herself unless she is “in the mood”. She has always been a great aunt to the younger elephants, especially the male ones.


Favorite snack:  bananas

Least Favorite snack: clementine oranges

Margaret’s BFF: Delrita



Tommy is our resident daddy. He is the father to 3 of the babies born at the Endangered Ark and is also father to our baby due late summer of 2020. Tommy loves food and eats everything that he is given. He is our tallest elephant and he is famous for eating his pineapples completely whole!

Favorite snack: pineapple

Least favorite snack: Tommy eats everything

Tommy is a Bachelor for life and certified loner!!



Val is our resident teen female. Val is the oldest offspring of Tommy and big sister to Dori Marie. She is also our resident paint master and does the best abstract art. She is great big sister and unlike many teens still likes to hang out with her mom Whimpy.

Favorite snack: apples

Least favorite snack: carrots

Val’s BFF: Dori Marie



Alta is the tallest female at the Endangered Ark Foundation. She is the resident “grump” at the ark and tends to be a loner. She still has a full head of hair on her head unlike many adults. Her favorite pastime is wallowing in mud!

Favorite snack: watermelon

Least favorite snack: oranges

Alta’s BFF: NO ONE



Traci is lovingly named after the founders granddaughter. She has been nicknamed the resident “gremlin” because she eats very fast and thoroughly enjoys food (sometimes from her other herd members). She has a hairy back and she is the biggest sweetheart.

Favorite snack:  bananas

Least favorite snack: avocados

Traci’s BFF: Whimpy



Libby is all about destroying trees. She loves to push down as many trees as she can on the reserve.  She does not care for swimming in the water like her other herd members it’s her least favorite thing. Most days you can only expect her to dip in and dip directly out of their pond.


Favorite snack: watermelon

Least favorite snack:  kiwi

Libby’s BFF: Traci



Lisa is considered the resident “turtle” because she does everything at a very slow pace. She has partial paralysis in her trunk; and she almost always has her ears out. She is extremely patient with a calm nature and is great with kids.

Favorite snack: apples

Least favorite snack: cucumbers

Lisa’s best friend: Rosie



Lillie is known as our Hugo celebrity because she was featured in the best selling children’s book : “The Great Elephant Escape” by Una Townsend.  The book chronicles her adventure as a baby elephant lost in the woods of Oklahoma in 1975. Now as an adult Lillie thoroughly enjoys her time on the reserve.

Favorite snack: bananas

Least favorite snack: carrots

Lillie’s BFF: Suzy



Whimpy is the resident mama of the herd. She is due to have her 5th baby born at the Endangered Ark late summer of 2020. She has had 2 male and 2 female babies born and we are all anxious so know and love her healthy new addition, She has the longest eyelashes and the most unique colored eyes which are a grey/green color.

Favorite snack: apples

Least favorite snack: avocados

Whimpy’s BFF: Traci



Zola is the resident genius. She is highly intelligent and very personable. She is most defiantly an extrovert and enjoys being the center of attention. 

Favorite snack: watermelon

Least favorite snack: cucumbers

Zola’s BFF: Suzy


Upcoming Activities

Public Tours

The EAF offers public tours of our facility on Fridays, Saturdays, and most Sundays. Call or book online today to take a tour of our facility and meet our elephants!

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Private Encounters

Get up close and personal with our elephants in a Private Encounter! Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend quality time with our herd in a personal setting.


Special Groups

Schedule a private visit for your school, student group, civic organization, business, youth program, or other special group to receive a special tour tailored to your group.

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Elephant Expeditions

The EAF is partnering with Oklahoma Awesome Adventures to offer special day-long adventures with our elephants! Dates are limited, book today!

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Cabin Rentals

Visting from out of town?

Oklahoma Awesome Adventures is now offering cabin rentals right next door to the EAF, featuring breakfast with the elephants!

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