Your membership includes:


  • A personalized adoption certificate
  • Info/history card on your adopted elephant
  • A special edition photograph of your adopted elephant
  • EAF official store discount card (for in store or phone purchases only )
  • Invite to any 1 special event throughout the year at the Endangered Ark
  • A monthly newsletter about your adopted elephant and EAF herd
  • Your picture taken with your adopted elephant when you attend any EAF tour (excludes Tommy & Obert, alternate photo opportunity available)
  • Special birthday video sent to you of your adopted elephant eating their birthday cake!
  • Exclusive herd videos sent to members only periodically throughout the year


Membership welcome packets are mailed on the 5th day of the month following your official sign up for the program. Membership is good for one calendar year and may be renewed after a years time. Yearly membership fee is due at time of purchase. The membership will be in the name of the ship to recipient unless otherwise noted.


Available elephants to adopt include: Whimpy, Tommy, Obert, Rosie, Libby, Val, Lisa, Traci, Zola, Margaret, Delrita, Alta, Lillie, Suzy

Adopt An Elephant (Herd Package)

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