Dori Marie is Turning 3 - Birthday Celebration!

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HUGO, OKLAHOMA (AUGUST 11TH, 2018) - The Endangered Ark Foundation (EAF) would like to invite you to a birthday celebration in honor of Oklahoma’s largest 3 year old elephant - Dori Marie!

The birthday celebration will be held on Saturday, August 11th, 2018 from 9:00 AM until 11:00 AM and will be held at the EAF facility in Hugo, OK. Dori Marie, Oklahoma’s youngest Asian elephant, was born at the EAF on July 28th, 2015. 

This birthday celebration event will serve as a fundraiser for the EAF to build an expansion playground on the EAF property for Dori Marie and her larger than life, ele-family. The project will provide additional wooded acreage for the elephants to browse and roam, that will include a new water feature that will serve as a splash/wading pond for the pachyderm residents to play and enjoy. The expansion project is estimated to cost $100,000.  Guest’s attendance and participation in Dori Marie’s fundraiser birthday celebration will help raise necessary funds to make this project a reality. Work has already begun!

The General Admission Fee of $10 will allow visitors to enjoy and participate in meeting the EAF pachyderm residents up-close and learn firsthand about these magnificent creatures. Educational presentations will be provided throughout the event that will include elephant food challenge, Q & A sessions, guessing the elephants weight, information about the Asian elephant species and unique characteristics about individual ele-residents.  All visitors will be offered birthday refreshments and the opportunity to take unique elphie-selfies and watch Dori Marie eat her cake!

Other activities will also be provided for an additional fee to help raise funds for the expansion project.  They include the following: bathing an elephant, hand-feeding a gentle giant, getting “sprayed” by DelRita, a silent auction, concessions and purchasing specialty EAF items from the ARK gift shop.

A NEW feature has been added to this year’s birthday bash – an “ELE-KIDS KORNER”.  All of Dori’s youngest guests are welcome to enjoy ele-crafts, games and much more! 

The EAF, a private non-profit (501 C 3), which was founded in 1993.  It is home to the second largest herd of Asian elephants in the United States.  The mission of the foundation is to ensure the future of Asian elephants in North America through education, conservation and preservation efforts. Join us for this one-day special event. 

For more information or to secure your reservation please click here or call at 580.317.8470.