What type of facility has the Endangered Ark Foundation built?

The Endangered Ark Foundation consists of 3 buildings. The first building was the original building built in the 90’s. Which, it is now currently used as a work shop and a "Baby Barn". The females are housed here during their pregnancy (which lasts up to 22 months).

Building # 2 is the female barn. All but 2 of our 8 elephants are females, and most of them have been together majority of their lives.

Building # 3 is the male barn. It houses Tommy, a 20 year old male, who has fathered the last 3 babies born at the Endangered Ark Foundation facility. Barn # 3 also houses Obert (named after the founder’s father) also lives here. He is an 11 year old male, but he has not started breeding.

In addition to the specially designed hands off barn, the males have their own exercise area with chutes that can be closed on each end to allow for veterinary care, when needed.